I was reading this blog that I wrote back in 2020 and it took me back a bit. I thought I’d post it hear for you today. May it cause us to think how we would verbalize what we truly believe. Peace be with you!

Last summer my girlfriend and I went to the PRIDE festival in St. Petersburg, Florida. As we browsed through the many venders and craft exhibits I found a very simple little sign made out of Scrabble tiles with the word BELIEVE. I liked that little sign so much that I purchased it and placed it in my car as a reminder to always BELIEVE.

A lot has happened since I purchased that sign. Now it sits in my bedroom and I look at it everyday. It’s a constant reminder to me to BELIEVE. But BELIEVE what?

I searched for a poem or story that I could link with the word, but those things were other’s words and beliefs. Then it occurred to me that maybe what I BELIEVE in is different everyday; however, there are constants that I BELIEVE that will always stay the same.

As we are all facing the Coronavirus pandemic and life is different, but the same everyday, I thought I’d write down what I BELIEVE in the midst of all this craziness. Surely we are living uncertainties everyday, but isn’t that the norm in life, everyday a new day, a new beginning. So below is my BELIEVE creed. I’m sure it is not exhaustive of everything I believe, but at this moment in my life this is what I BELIEVE.


I BELIEVE . . . In God, the Creator of all that I see and not see, the forever Power of the universe.

I BELIEVE . . . In Jesus, the Christ, who through his life showed all humankind how to live, forgive, serve and love.

I BELIEVE . . . The spirit of God dwells within creation, and as I am God’s creation, that Spirit dwells in me.

I BELIEVE . . . There is evil and good in this world. It is my choice in every minute to determine how I will live, the way of good or the way of evil.

I BELIEVE . . . That the journey of life is hard, but through the good and bad, God, the Creator, the ever powerful Spirit is with me helping me through the good and the bad.

I BELIEVE . . . That I have a purpose in life, and that purpose is to Love and Care for all of God’s Creation, human, animal, plant, earth, and universe.

I BELIEVE . . . The family I was born in, and the one I birthed, the one that has merged by marriage, is special. We are not perfect, but we love each other in spite of those imperfections. We might not always like each other, but Love is always there.

I BELIEVE . . . I will have times of doubt, depression, and despair; and God is with me.

I BELIEVE . . . I will have times of joy, celebration, and jubilation; and God is with me.

I BELIEVE . . . I will have times of singing, sorrow, and tears; and God is with me.

I BELIEVE . . . I am special. I am made as God wanted. I have gifts and talents unique to me, for me to live out and use throughout my journey of life.

I BELIEVE . . . All are special. All created by God. All to work together for the betterment of each other and the world.

This is what I BELIEVE! But so much more can be said that my words and spirit cannot express, but God knows my heart and desires.

My challenge to you, write down what you BELIEVE today!